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How to draw a cloud crane!

How to draw a cloud crane!

This is a flying crane in the sky, pay attention to the posture of the flying crane, but also learn from common elements such as clouds and pine trees.


Determine the position of the crane according to the composition. To draw, start with the mouth of the crane, dip in heavy ink and draw the mouth and eyes of the crane with a nib.


Start drawing feathers with dry ink lines. The feathers were drawn to reflect the shape of the crane, with the wings spread symmetrically to balance the body.


Dipping in thick ink, the center draws the crane's legs with a brush. The lines are strong, showing the changes in the thickness of the joints.


Dot the "red crown" on the crane's forehead in red. Then paint clouds beneath the cranes. The center draws curly lines with his brush to represent clouds, highlighting layers and spatial relationships. Once you've done that, draw a light ink along the edge of the cloud to emphasize the thickness of the cloud.


With the tip of the pen dipped in thick ink, the center traced the outline of the trunk of the pine tree. Then with a pen according to the distribution of branches to draw pine needles, pine branches showed semicircular radial distribution. The ink color should be strong and light, showing a sense of hierarchy before and after.


Continue to add pine needles with a pen, noting the hierarchy. Then mix indigo and lay a layer of color on top of the pine needles. The edges can be slightly blurred. A touch of ochre and ink paint the branches of a   pine tree.


Add more small clouds as needed. A Zen ink painting of a flying crane was completed.

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