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How to draw a moving bird!

How to draw a moving bird!

This is a red bird, the overall dynamic is very smooth. When drawing, pay attention to the horizontal perspective of the front wings, and the proportion of the tail to the body of the bird.

Step 1

According to the composition of the picture, start to draw the head and neck of the bird in the appropriate position, pay attention to the idea of the bird dynamics before the outline.


Step 2

Then down the joint to draw the bird's body, bird claw part, the whole bird dynamic vertical.


Step 3


The wings of this bird are very unique, one wing extends to the top of the head, and the other wing is parallel to the picture. Attention should be paid to the change of perspective when drawing.


Step 4

Continue to add bird tail feathers, bird tail feathers are composed of tail plumes and tail feathers. Make sure the bird's tail feathers are full.

Step 5

Continue to add tail feathers, long and thin in the middle, to create a light, flowing feel.

Step 6


Starting with the head, paint the bird by dipping the pen tip in heavy ink. Notice the color change from head to neck. Then the edge of the wings of the feather area for a more harmonious picture.


Step 7


Eosin, coloring the wings and feathers of birds. Part of the bird's body should also use light ink in the edge of the appropriate spot dyed, so that the picture looks more smart.

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